History of the Barcapel Foundation…

The existence and wealth of the Barcapel Foundation as it is today is thanks to the sale of a family business. Scottish Animal Products manufactured petfoods, and was a relatively recent addition to the activities of Robert Wilson & Sons (1859) Limited, but after a period of spectacular growth in the 1950s when the two main brands Kennomeat and Kattomeat achieved a 20% share of the market, the company was sold to rival manufacturers, Spillers, in 1964.

Since 1965 the Wilson family have distributed over £30 million to causes in Scotland and beyond through the Barcapel, Clement Wilson, Wilforge and Truth Research foundations.

Barcapel People


Robert WilsonRobert Wilson, Chairman- Robert was appointed Chairman in 2006. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, has attended Harvard Business School, and has enjoyed a long and successful career in homeopathic medicine, as Managing Director and now Chairman of Nelsons.

Jed Wilson Jed Wilson- Jed currently lives in Central London.  He is the Principal of Wilson Wealth, a leading wealth advisory business.  Jed has an international finance background, worked professionally in Canada, USA and Switzerland. Before moving abroad, he spent several years in the City and prior to this enjoyed a distinguished career in the Corporate Travel industry including running his own successful luxury travel business for over a decade.  He has been a Trustee of Barcapel since 1996.

Clement WilsonClement Wilson- Clement joined the board in 2002, and works as a freelance journalist, writer as well as IT consultant. He is actively supportive of charitable endeavours in the arts and literature fields, particularly those involving young people.

Amanda RichardsAmanda Richards- Amanda was appointed to the Board in 2009. A graduate of Caius College Cambridge, she is a qualified solicitor and currently works as legal counsel at Nickelodeon. She is R Clement Wilson’s granddaughter.

Hermione WilsonHermione Wilson- Hermione graduated from Edinburgh University with First Class honours before completing a Masters in International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS achieving Distinction. She now is on the Civil Service Fast Stream, currently working for the Ministry of Justice in Legal Aid while living in London. She has a keen interest in charitable affairs, with a particular interest in sexual violence and modern slavery.


Mia McCartney - Mia takes care of the day to day administration of the foundation. Prior to joining Barcapel she worked for the Local Authority in a business support capacity for many years. She is the first point of contact for all dealings with Barcapel and is available by telephone on 0131 381 8111 or email: admin@barcapelfoundation.org, Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 4.30pm.


Every donation over £20,000 is evaluated by a team of assessors who operate independently from the board making recommendations based on their own judgements and findings.

  • Anne Wadsworth  OBE (Health)
  • Fiona Cameron (Youth)
  • Sir James Dunbar-Nasmith (Heritage)