What is The Barcapel Foundation?

Scotland MapThe Barcapel Foundation has been supporting charitable works and endeavours in Scotland and beyond for over 40 years.

Today’s trustees still operate guided by the philosophies of the original settlors, R Clement Wilson and Andrew C Wilson, especially their view that “From the outset the Foundation saw that its most effective giving would be directed to those organisations who were in the early stages of development and in need of help to get off the ground”. The current trustees refer to this ambition as “pump priming”.

The Foundation welcomes applications from charities that meet the aims and objectives of Barcapel. If you are a charity seeking financial assistance for a project please browse the site to learn a little more about the Foundation and its work before contacting us.

Recent Awards

The following awards are a sample of those approved by the Trustees in 2012:


    SPARKS (Sport Aiding Medical Research for Kids) funds pioneering medical research into all conditions and disabilities affecting children. Neuroblastoma is the biggest cancer killer of the children under 5 years, responsible for 15 per cent of all childhood cancer deaths. The SPARKS research is trying to discover what causes neuroblastoma and focusing on trying to train the body’s immune system to combat the disease rather than putting it through intensive chemotherapy. Barcapel awarded a grant of £30,000 to faciltate funding. Visit Their Website

  • The Mark Scott Foundation

    The Mark Scott Foundation was formed in 1996 in memory of Mark Scott, the 16 year old Glasgow schoolboy who was murdered in 1995 in an unprovoked sectarian attack. Since its inception the Foundation has made over 400 awards to individual young people living in or closely connected with Scotland. Barcapel awarded a grant of £33,000.00 for continued funding of the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award. Visit Their Website

Recent Significant Donations:

  • The National Trust for Scotland

    To mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns in 2009, the National Trust for Scotland is raising £20 million to create the Burns National Heritage Park. The extensive project, on the site of the existing museum at Burns Cottage in Alloway, will provide a considerably more informative and rewarding visitor experience than currently available as well as being a lasting tribute to Robert Burns. The Barcapel Trustees were impressed by the professionalism of the NTS as well as the ambition, scale and importance of the project and consequently awarded the substantial grant of £200,000.00

  • Depression Alliance Scotland

    Depression Alliance Scotland is working towards a future where depression is recognised, understood and acknowledged to be a common and treatable medical condition, just like any other. Barcapel has funded this charity in the past agreeing with the excellent work of DAS in raising awareness of an illness which often goes undiagnosed, and on this occasion the Trustees approved a further grant of £70,000.00 in June 2008.