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Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease. It is at the forefront of the research into the fight against cancer and helping people with life-threatening diseases.

Bio-Detection Dogs are trained to find the odour of diseases, such as cancer, in samples such as urine, breath and swabs. Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to detect minute changes in an individual’s personal odour triggered by their disease and alert them to an impending medical event.

Barcapel awarded a grant of £45,000 to assist the research, development and delivery of project activity to improve the quality of life of individuals with Type 1 Diabetes and other diseases.

In taking the decision to award the grant the trustees were influenced by:

  • the ambition and expertise of the principal people involved
  • the fact the research was innovative and ground breaking
  • the trustees commitment to “pump priming” projects

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