Application Process for a grant application

Following a virtual meeting of the Board of Barcapel this morning, the Directors are delighted to advise that we will, from immediate effect, be accepting applications for funding.  The Board plan to hold a full meeting on Monday 29th  November 2021 to discuss applications and the closing date for consideration is Friday 1st October.

Before making any application for financial assistance please consider the following information:

It is highly unusual that a single donation will exceed £100,000 and all potential awards over £20,000 are assessed by a team operating independently of the Trustees.

The Barcapel Foundation provides financial assistance mainly to organisations that have Registered Charitable Status and are recognised as such by the OSCR, but may on occasion make awards to non registered organisations and individuals who have charitable aims.

The foundation awards grants predominantly, but not exclusively, to charities operating in Scotland.

What we support :-

  • The three priority areas of interest for funding are health, heritage and youth.(Please see the individual pages for more detail information.)

What we do not support :-

  • individual applications for travel or similiar
  • organisations or individuals engaged in promoting religious or political beliefs
  • applications for funding costs of feasibilty studies or similiar

What we are unlikely to support :-

  • local charities whose work takes place outside the British Isles

In addition to reading the case studies, please also look at our complete list of past awards. This should give some indication of what the trustees are likely to approve.

To apply for a grant :-

  1. Ensure that your interests, aims and objectives are compatible with those of Barcapel
  2. Download the preliminary application form
  3. Complete concisely and return to the office address with a covering letter & a copy of your annual accounts.
  4. If your application is likely to be successful we may then contact you requesting further information.

In the first instance please do not send any additional information. If you have particularly important further documents and information refer to them in the covering letter so the Trustees can request them if required.

You must include a copy of your annual accounts with your application.
Barcapel does not accept grant applications by email.

The Application Process:

Grant Application Process