What is The Barcapel Foundation?

Scotland MapThe Barcapel Foundation has been supporting charitable works and endeavours in Scotland and beyond for over 50 years.

Today’s Directors still operate guided by the philosophies of the original settlors, R Clement Wilson and Andrew C Wilson, especially their view that “From the outset the Foundation saw that its most effective giving would be directed to those organisations who were in the early stages of development and in need of help to get off the ground”. The current Directors refer to this ambition as “pump priming”.

The Foundation welcomes applications from charities that meet the aims and objectives of Barcapel. If you are a charity seeking financial assistance for a project please browse the site to learn a little more about the Foundation and its work before contacting us.

Recent Awards

The following awards are a sample of those approved by the Trustees in 2022:

  • Young Enterprise Scotland – £20,000
  • The GK Experience – £15,000
  • Moira Anderson Foundation -  £13,440
  • Stop It Now – £15,000
  • GUTS UK – £20,000
  • Capital Theatres – £20,000
  • Dean and Cauvin Trust – £20,000
  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – £15,000
  • Faculty of Homeopathy – £15,000
  • Leuchie House Short Breaks – £10,000
  • Ukranian Appeal – £10,000
  • Ardgowan Hospice – £10,000
  • Wigtown Festival Company – £10,000
  • Curiosity Collective – £10,000
  • Edinburgh Children’s Hospital – £10,000
  • Cyrenians – £10,000
  • Read for Good – £10,000

Recent Significant Donations:

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    In 2017 The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) developed a pilot programme over three years working with a cohort of secondary schools and Further Education colleges to engage young people around their mental health; improving students’ knowledge and understanding; providing resources to those students and wider teaching and support staff. The pilot focussed on the period of transition of young people from secondary into further education, particularly where deprivation is a factor.

    Barcapel donated £75,000 to fund the entire pilot.